How to make Gmail your default Mail Client in Chrome

Ryan Fortner


on July 24, 2020

When you see a email link in, or in general on the web for that matter, clicking a email link that composes an email just doesn’t work properly.  (for nerds this as result of the mailto: protocol)

It will open the Mac mail program or some other mail server program on your computer.  

For those that use Gmail, here is how to quickly change those preferences so that every time you click one of those links, it opens a Gmail compose.  

  1. Open your browser and type:  chrome://settings/handlers
  1. Make sure to remove if it is ‘Blocked’
  2. Toggle the ‘Allow site to ask…’ slide button so that it is on. 
  3. Open a new Gmail window and in the address bar you need to click the handler icon and select ‘Allow’

You’re all set.  

Now when you click a link that opens an email, even in Salesforce, it will open inside of Chrome and default to Gmail making your life much simpler. 

Happy Selling.

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