The smartest, fully automated and most advanced
AI-powered data entry system for Salesforce.

Automate up to 90% of Data Entry &  Feed Your Sales Forecast 


With you can:

  • Capture seller and buyer interactions without having Reps do manual data entry.
  • Turn your team into a sales machine with AI-assisted deal coaching and insights.
  • Get instant visibility into opportunities with complete data & AI-enhanced insights.
  • Increase forecast accuracy & eliminate surprises with objective, AI-based forecasting.

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Automate Data Entry with AI

Autoscribe captures 90% of interactions between sellers and buyers without requiring reps to remember to tag emails or interact with CRM. Without having to worry about process and CRM updates, reps can spend more time focusing on sales execution and closing deals.

  • Email, meeting, call, SMS, activity tracking
  • Contact auto creation & Opportunity association
  • Fill in custom CRM opportunity fields autoscribe
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Capture Data at the Right Time

Immediately capture next steps after meetings without reps having to enter CRM. Collect any custom input via messaging apps like Slack and SMS text messages. sends nudges before and after meetings to ensure reps are entering data when it’s freshest in their minds.

  • Conversational interactions through SMS & Slack
  • Just-in-time reminders before & after events
  • Customize input to your own sales process

Customizable Fields for Your Sales Process

Customize the system to your own sales process (MEDDIC, etc). Tell which fields must be filled out at each stage, and it solicits data from reps at exactly the right time.

  • Capture next steps
  • Capture custom opportunity fields
  • Text and contact role capture
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