Author: Nelson Greenwood

Why We Post the Sales Numbers to the Organization

by Nelson Greenwood on February 1, 2018

Competitors love to be recognized for their success and hate it when they miss their goals. Sales is one of the purest forms of competition. There's no judging panel that gives you points for wearing a nice suit. You are judged on one thing, hitting your sales goals. Sure, we award points for effort and activity for new hires, but after the on-boarding period is up, it's the numbers that count. Announcing the sales numbers on a consistent basis lets everyone know

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Why Veteran Sales Reps Still Need Coaching

by Nelson Greenwood on December 19, 2017

As sales leaders, we’ve all heard the following from our experienced sales reps when we ask them to enter their daily activity into CRM or to follow our preferred sales process, “Don’t worry, I’ve got this covered” or “I’m a professional; this isn’t my first rodeo you know.” What these reps are really saying is that they don’t want a sales manager looking over their shoulder and following their every move. Since they have been successful in the past, they

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