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How many Contacts are you missing out on that you could be Marketing to?

Jennifer Preston


on September 3, 2019

Sales & Marketing is a numbers game. Marketing is definitely a volume sport. Marketing’s job is to provide general awareness to your prospects, do branding and in the best of all worlds drive inbound red hot leads. Good marketers know their personas and target that audience with relevant content and ads to remind the prospect that you exist.

How do you get the top of funnel lists so you can effectively market? You can generate them by asking for signups for newsletters, create some insightful content behind a form wall, webinars, you can buy them, etc… . But what about the lowest hanging fruit, contacts the already exist in your organization that you don’t know about?

That’s right, the ones that exist in your users Mailboxes and Calendar Invites! They are locked up in Outlook. Do you ask your Reps to enter their contacts into CRM? Probably, but what kind of compliance are you getting there? Probably very little, because there is nothing in it for them.

This is exactly one of the things SalesDirector.ai can do for you. We automatically extract Contacts (and enhance the Contacts through Signature Extraction), and can associate them with the right Accounts and Opportunities.

Typically when we connect SalesDirector.ai to a Sales Org we find 500-1,000 new contacts PER Salesrep! For a 50 person sales org thats 25-50k new contacts!

Here is an example of a contacts found NOT in your CRM post connection:

Interested in getting these into your Marketing funnel? Or into CRM? Talk to your Customer Success Manager or inquire about a demo today.

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