How to Monitor New Product Launches within your Sales Team

Jennifer Preston


on August 12, 2019

Sales folks are quite predictable. They will go where the lowest hanging fruit is, and will pursue opportunities where their incentives are aligned with their customers. Makes total sense.

Launching new Products is exciting, but if you have ever done it, it takes quite a bit to get the New Product flywheel going. You need marketing, announcements, product collateral, website changes, sales training, sales incentives/spiffs, etc… to have a shot at making new product launch a success.

But other than active or closed Deals, how do you know if things are headed in the right direction? These tend to be lagging indicators things are on track or have fallen on deaf ears.

As a Product Marketer you are probably monitoring news, social media, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc… for your product mentions, trying to react to public sentiment and comments and generally trying to understand which way the wind is blowing.

What about inside your organization? Do you have a sense of how often your Sales Team is pushing the new Product? Or mentioning it to existing Customers or Prospects?

Since is a Revenue Intelligence Platform and connected to Activity Data, Email, Calendar, Call data, etc… we can peer into communications and look at how often your new product name is mentioned. Are we getting responses from customers? or is it all one sided? Who is talking about new products, and who isnt? Do we need to do more sales training? Is the product compelling enough, is it solving a large enough pain?

Within you can setup “mention monitoring, similar to Google Alerts or Google Trends to see what the mention trend is. Here is our mention trend for our fictious product “Airplex”:
Keyword Mention Trend

or see who is engaging with Airplex:
Keyword Mentions by Salesrep

Here we can see basically we have 2 reps (Kenneth and Sabina) actively pushing the New Product, but the others are barely talked about it. You can further drill down into the actual meetings, maybe even participate in them, or listen to the recordings. And really, you can go talk to the other reps and either a) do more training or b) try to understand why there is little motivation to talk about or push the new product offering.

Get ahead of meeting Revenue Goals and understand whats really going on!

To enable this feature go to Setup > General and add keywords that you want to track in the Mentions section.

Want to learn more about’s Revenue Intelligence Platform, see a demo.

Happy Selling!

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