Stop Doing Busywork

Arnulf Hsu


on April 23, 2018

Do more High-Value Work!

Still setting up Manual Tasks in your CRM or some task system to remind you to Follow up?

Based on all the conversations we have had, we see a low percentage of Reps using CRM tasks, and the ones that do don’t do it consistently. If you are a Sales Leader and are asking your reps to enter follow up tasks we would strongly encourage you to stop and have the reps spend more time on customer-facing activities. Read on to understand why…

Most Tasks are used for “followup” purposes. Remind the rep that on a certain day to do a certain thing, send an email, send a quote, call the prospect, remind the prospect to do something, etc…

One very good practice which we believe deeply in is to jot done your Next Steps with the Opportunity. This is exactly why we introduced Next Step nudges post a scheduled call over SMS/Text.

We are now introducing the Next Step Due Date. And no, its not a field you need to complete.

It works like this, simply enter the Next Steps via SMS, the App, your CRM (Salesforce/Dynamics, etc…) and will extract the Next Step Due Date.

Examples Next Steps:
– They are making a decision by next week.
– Delayed until the end of the Month.
– This has been put on hold till Q3
– rescheduled for Wednesday, she has other priorities right now.
– Try to get demo with larger audience. Will know week of 5/18 the next steps.

Thats right, we do our best to pull out the date out of your Next Steps and put that into the Next Step Due Date.

Of course this field is directly visible in our Opportunity Screens and can also be automatically written back to your CRM.

This Due Date field should serve as a good reminder to reps as to when to follow up and makes sure nothing falls through the cracks, all without doing anything more than they are doing now.

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