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Leads vs Contacts

Arnulf Hsu By on September 8, 2018

As you probably know, automatically creates new Contacts for you in your CRM when we encounter new people within your mailboxes. And as you probably also know Leads and Contacts in your CRM are different. Both of them represent a Person, but they are actually different databases that aren't linked together unless you "Convert" a Lead to a Contact. So, what happens when you already have a "Lead" in CRM with that email address, but it does not

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Reinforced Sales Coaching

Arnulf Hsu By on September 4, 2018

So you train your reps on MEDDIC, Challenger, Sandler, BANT, etc... that's great. We take them out of the field for a day or two, take them to an offsite, or do virtual sessions. That's very good. But what happens? After 30 days, unfortunately, we all fall back to our old habits, and most likely only a small fraction of that training is retained and reused. As you know,

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Full Stack Engineer

Arnulf Hsu By on August 30, 2018

What we’re looking for A mid-senior level Full Stack Engineer, with more emphasis on "server/backend" vs client side. More of our SaaS application is on the backend/server side than on client side. The slope of your learning is MORE important than your total years of experience. You should embrace "agile", and not just in the Scrum/Lean process way. You should know the tradeoffs between flexibility and abstraction. We believe early optimization is the root of all evil.

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Be in the Know

Arnulf Hsu By on August 21, 2018

Are you always asking your Reps about what is going on with some deal? Who did you talk to? What are the next steps? As of this week we are instantly pushing Next Step updates directly to others on the Pursuit Team, Followers of the Opp (Your Favorites via the Star Mechanism) and their Immediate managers (via Role Hierarchy). You will get something like this in your Email Inbox: Further, you can globally configure which types of Opportunities you want

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The Daily Brief

Arnulf Hsu By on August 9, 2018 will send you Reminders every morning via your Daily Brief. Such as:

  • Close Date Expired or In the Past
  • Next Step Due Date coming up or Due
  • Upcoming Meetings and which Talking points you should incorporate into your Talk Track with your Customer
  • Upcoming Opportunity Renewals
etc.... Look out for your Daily Brief in your Inbox. What do you think? Have feedback? Let us know at feedback [at] Happy

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